We've been listening closely to the Cisco Academy development teams and also online with Netacad about the changes regarding Cisco Certifications and thus the Cisco Networking Academy courses.
As with any change that affects education, we're a bit excited and a bit nervous! Either way, we are here to work with you through the transition.
Ultimately, this is a great opportunity to better align our courses to the latest technology, strengthen our programs, and enhance our students’ paths to jobs..
Justin Valentino, an Academy Instructor Trainer from, one of our excellent peer Academy Support Centers, the 'Midwest ASTC, LLC' has produced an informative video about the changes. We are able to share it with you. Click in the pathway picture on the left or Here.

The best of Networking Academy hasn't changed. But as technology rapidly transforms, what our students learn and how they learn must keep current. Employers today require technology professionals to have abroad range of knowledge as well as deep specialized skills. The Cisco Network Academy program is evolving their learning portfolio to develop these critical technical skills while incorporating innovative methods that improve student out-comes.

Make Sure you are Staying Informed on the Latest Changes! 

The Netacad team is doing an awesome job announcing the upcoming changes and providing the information to the Netacad community!
At this time they have already provided:
· FAQ: Networking Academy New Courses and Certifications
· FAQ: Cisco New Certifications
· NetAcad Product Team Overview Video & PPT
· DRAFT 1 CCNA 7.0 Scope and Sequence
And they are releasing a great deal more! Check the Course Resources link on your NetAcad login (see image on the left) and check it often!