Our resource section is to provide our Cisco Academies and ICT Educators with resources from our events, from the work we do, and from you. They are grouped into 3 categories to aid you in finding what you need.


Cisco Academy Resources

Visit our Lab Library with photo examples of different ways to set up a Cisco Academy lab environments.

See photos from our academies.

UC a-g applications that have won approval, this is only applicable to California High Schools.

All Academy Days, these are cool events to get high school students onto your college campus and to introduce them to the wonderful world of ICT. Pictures and ‘how to’ documents are posted here.


Model Curriculum

Alignment to the California Community College IT Model Curriculum (ITMC) will create better transfer and articulation opportunities between community colleges,  community-based organizations and high schools - and increase program and credential value.   

The ITMC focuses on the core fundamental IT skills required for beginning a career it IT.

Event Resources

Here you will find presentations gleaned from the Winter ICT Educators’ Conference and the summer Faculty Development Weeks.
Please let us know if you have resources that we should post in one or more of these categories.


Cyber Competitions 

Links for information regarding cyber competitions

1.  California CyberHub, To enable a future ethical workforce by expanding and supporting quality cyber training across the state:

2.  Bay Area Cyber Competitions, Home of the Bay Area's Cybersecurity Regional Competition Efforts: